Movie Review #339: Warm Bodies

Love makes us human

Warm Bodies is the first of its kind and I’m enjoying the fresh take on the zombie genre. You’re kept glued to the screen with the help of budding stars Teresa Palmer and Nicolas Hoult, two unmistakably attractive actors who can back it up with their performances. There’s not much dialogue in the film but their timing and delivery gave me quite a few chuckles, but no laugh out loud moments. Hoult’s narrative gives a better understanding of his side of the story and made me connect with his character (R) even more.

The movie isn’t really much of a comedy, but the jokes here made the tone just right, as I believe taking the plot too seriously will greatly affect your opinion of the film. The integration of the soundtrack was remarkably well done too and filled up the silent and draining moments smoothly, not to mention the music selection was very good. And while that may seem to be an excuse for a lack of story, I’d say it’s quite the opposite and it complemented the overall screenplay. There were a noticeable amount of themes concerning love and life and Director Jonathan Levine struck me with the message of how love makes us alive and human. And if there ever will be a time when you think you’ve reached the lowest point, you can always count on hope that will exhume you from your lifeless moments. There is definitely a lot of room to grow for the romantic zombie horror/comedy hybrid genre, but for now this will be the one movie you’ll remember that served as a catalyst for future films.



One thought on “Movie Review #339: Warm Bodies

  1. I’ve heard from even the most cynical, fanboy horror fans that this movie isn’t the terrible film they expected. It’s refreshing to see a different take on zombies!

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