Movie Review #341: Jack the Giant Slayer

Getting the hard things right and the simple things wrong

The giants look more real than all the real objects found in the film. If they were able to make CGI that good, how in the world could they forget about the actual props? It took away the realism and ruined some of the fun for me. Nevertheless, there are still a few things to enjoy in Jack the Giant Slayer. For one, this retelling did what it could to twist the children’s tale and make it a slightly entertaining film. Although predictable because of its age-old story, the visual effects fused with good performances by its lead actor Nicolas Hoult kept me interested. Hoult has a potential to be an A-list actor, but the script didn’t do him any favor. The dialogue of the movie had full of one-liners that didn’t give the characters too much room to shine. The faults are a pity since this could’ve been an epic adventure that kickstarted the 2013 blockbusters leading into the summer. Instead the bad set design and the writing turned it into a rather generic fantasy children’s film that’s passable. I’d be happy with that though, because the opening was so bad I didn’t think they’d be able to turn it around.

This isn’t Bryan Singer’s best directorial work, not should anyone expect it to be. Kids will love this film, others should be fine regardless. Though I suggest that you lower your expectations if you’re planning to give this one a try.


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