Movie Review #342: Argo

A gripping CIA thriller

With hits such as The Town and now Argo, Ben Affleck has not only shown his excellence through his acting but also with his direction. Add beautiful cinematography, sound editing, and a brilliant cast and you have a winning movie.

Inspired by a real event during the 1980s, the film mixes true facts with incredible storytelling that manages to sustain the intensity and keep viewers engrossed. While the first twenty minutes was a bit ho-hum, it was the introduction of the fake movie Argo that transcended the film into a fresh, uncommon thriller. The source material somewhat limits the story from diverging into other matters, but overall it allows an audience to concentrate on the issue it poses. But thanks to the cast it all feels organic and believable. Aside from Affleck, Alan Arkin also did a great job with his role and is well-deserving of an Oscar nod. Argo may not be my absolute favorite for 2012 but it’s safe to say it’s among the top 10 films in that year that I’ve seen so far. And now that he actually has an academy award to brag about, he’ll probably just shrug at the haters and tell all the skeptics to Argo f*ck themselves.



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