Movie Review #347: G.I. Joe – Retaliation

Better than the first, by a small margin

After a lackluster first outing, where action was over-emphasized and script forgotten, it would seem that the sequel couldn’t be any worse than its predecessor. As it turns out, it is a better film, with the help of a more palatable plot and an influx of new characters. Dwayne Johnson has been picked up to turn franchises around recently, and I think he was good in this film, though not great. Adriane Palicki has replaced Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols, but seems to fill in that spot nicely. New additions like Bruce Willis and Lee Byung Hyun add some fun to the film, but no matter how many people they bring in G.I. Joe will still be ridiculous and implausible. It’s a little less corny, but the bad qualities of Rise of Cobra still carried over, and it ultimately marred the film from becoming more entertaining and enjoyable. It’s perfectly watchable, but can be easily forgotten.



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