Movie Review #350 & #351: Abduction / Love, So Divine

Watchable, but implausible

With serious continuity issues and poor dialogue, it’s not hard to point out the other bad things about this movie. I had trouble believing the story, and it even seemed like a watered-down Bourne movie. The clear difference is that you cared about Bourne and what he’s going through. I didn’t give a damn about Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins’ characters (Nathan and Karen). While both of them are undoubtedly pleasing to watch, having them act decently in a subpar project didn’t help all that much.  Also, when they decided to portray an arrogant adolescent as the protagonist, the filmmakers should’ve made sure that he’ll be liked by viewers. I like Taylor, but I guess Nathan’s attitude was one of the reasons why I couldn’t connect with him and the rest of the characters as much as I wanted to. Still, the action was pretty decent and most people would watch it for Lautner and the lovely Collins anyway. So if you’re not a big fan of both, I suggest you stay away from this film.


The Bottom Line: Love So Divine

Additionally, I watched Love So Divine. It’s a cute Korean film that doesn’t offer much other than its religious themes and a man’s undying love for God. Its as PG as it can be, but if the church made this film I’d say it’s the most suggestive film they could ever do.




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