Movie Review #352: Zero Dark Thirty

Mildly intense, but still engrossing

Something about Kathryn Bigelow’s past two films just doesn’t connect with me. Whether it’s the praise it’s been getting that distorted my expectations or the actual movie itself, Zero Dark Thirty just isn’t a great movie, but still a decent one. It’s a well-directed film with a good leading actress and a tough story, but beyond that there isn’t much to praise about it.  Granted, Bigelow has always been able to gather an unknown cast and as an ensemble they’re quite talented. But try to individualize them and I don’t see anyone else other than Jessica Chastain who was considerably noteworthy.

The action, despite the sheer lack of it keeps you engrossed when it’s there, but it really isn’t the point of the movie. It’s the process of finding Bin Laden that’s the gist of it all. It’s particularly scary to think that the movie portrays actual events (however accurate they are), and it’s these critical moments that most people could relate to. People may be disturbed watching terrorist bombings or remembering the horrible events of the last decade, so I understand if some become more affected by the film than I do. But for me, it’s just a good movie: nothing more or less.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review #352: Zero Dark Thirty

  1. I would argue to say that it is a great film. The point of the film I think is the questions that it raises, instead of the topic that it’s covering directly. Its ability to navigate what could be defined as one of the great morally gray areas of our century was incredible. Also, I find the depiction of its lead, one of the most pleasantly ambiguous depictions of a female identity to date. There is no family, boyfriend, husband or child inserted to make her more, or less, sympathetic. That’s my mini-rant, but I respect your standpoint. I love a good trade of thoughts, so I offer you mine. Argo, was the film this year, that failed to engross me as almost everyone I know said it would.

    1. I think Argo was a great film, but not necessarily Best Picture. I could see why people would love Zero Dark Thirty as well. Anyway, I appreciate the reply. Thanks!

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