Movie Review #353: Ted

It’s no joke, the talking bear is actually funny.

   Ted is Seth MacFarlane’s childhood dream coming to life. With his direction, screenplay and voice he puts together a completely hilarious film that although didn’t sustain the comedy up to the end, offered likeable characters, a twist to a rather formulaic plot and a talking teddy bear that you’d actually be willing to believe is real for a hundred minutes.

            Based on what I saw, MacFarlane needs some polishing with his live-action works, but for a big-screen debut I don’t think he’d be ashamed of what he has accomplished. He’s a triple threat (actor, writer, director), with the ability to entertain a broad audience as his expertise. He also gets away with a lot of racist and discriminatory jokes, which although offensive are still quite funny to some extent. One of his weaknesses though is in making a compelling story outside of a simple plot. I found it a bit lacking here, but it was well compensated by the memorable acts of Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and of course, Ted.




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