Movie Review #357: Star Trek Into Darkness

Meets expectations, despite the soaring heights reached by its predecessor

Into Darkness may not have gone boldly where no one has ever gone before, but it’s easily the best movie of the year so far. The probability of this sequel eclipsing its predecessor was slim from the start but once again J.J. Abrams and his team have formulated another worthy addition to the franchise. It may be a lesser film, but hell, they shouldn’t be ashamed of what they have accomplished.

In strong fashion Star Trek begins roaring loudly, taking you to the middle of the action. There’s no hesitation or restraint from their part but you can’t complain since it displays astounding visual effects that nearly outmatches any other film, even Avatar (except in the 3D department). Still, you can say Abrams focused on making it more of a spectacle rather than something that will set it apart in terms of storytelling.

And if there’s one person that stood out his name is Benedict Cumberbatch, who I didn’t really imagine as an action star. Kudos to him for pulling off a straight-faced and powerful performance and his presence is arguably the zenith of this entire adventure. The rest of the cast (Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Cho, Urban, Pegg, Yelchin) are entertaining as always, but they were indubitably upstaged. Nevertheless, this second installment in the new generation of Trek just left me wanting more. But instead of just making a lot of them, I hope they focus more on quality, especially on new material. As long as they keep doing the right things I’ll be along for the ride.


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