Movie Review #359: Epic

Animation that wows is the highlight of this adventure.

Set in an undetermined area is Epic, a family friendly, nature-centric pic filled with lots of humor and beautifully integrated animation. Not much can be praised about its story, but it holds its ground well enough to keep things afloat.

The animators were very inventive in making the characters seem one with the forest. There really was that wow factor all throughout the film, especially during fight scenes where you get to see poisoned arrows rotting parts of the tree when it makes contact or leaf men parachuting down towards the enemy. The visuals were seamless and is worthy of being watched just because of that.

Comedy is what also saves this film from being another dull feature: Epic packs a wallop! It’s lowbrow humor more than anything else, but there are so many good ones you won’t even notice the awful. Most of these are offered by a slug and a snail voiced by Aziz Ansari and Chris O’Dowd, a one-two punch that won’t even let you recover. They pretty much stole the show and sometimes were even better off being the focus because the main characters felt too restrained and lifeless. It’s ironic that the animals felt more human than the actual humans, but with Christopher Waltz and Jason Sudeikis providing their voices, it’s a bit difficult for Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hutcherson to stand out (also, anyone who wouldn’t notice Beyoncé’s voice must be crazy). I don’t necessarily think dubbers have to be known actors, as they seem to be a bit distracting sometimes and it works against the animated film.

The extended cast helped expand the story; however it also became a weakness as I wasn’t able to connect with the main cast more that I wanted to. The lack of focus did not improve character development and it could be attributable to a weak script. But despite some poor material I believe it’s still a solid film thanks to what I’ve mentioned above. Its funnier when watched with friends based on experience and most likely you’ll also have a better time in doing so.



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