Movie Review #362: Star Wars Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi

An acceptable ending to a groundbreaking trilogy

It’s a simple case of too high expectations working against it. After a very solid sequel, Return of the Jedi just couldn’t muster enough surprises to be as memorable as its predecessors. Instead we get a revisit to the Star Wars world, which is not as amazing as before though still has enough entertainment to keep you satisfied to the end.

Imperfections of practical effects mar the opening of the film where the screen is mostly occupied by non-humans. A big (pun intended) example would be Jabba the Hut, which wasn’t really as convincing as Yoda was in terms of believability. And I guess that’s one of the reasons why George Lucas decided to release the prequel trilogy much later, to better suit his artistic vision.

This installment doesn’t add much to the franchise, but I would be crazy if I told you to skip this after having invested so much into this universe. It wraps up the historic battle between good and evil quite nicely but is also the weakest among the first three episodes created by Lucas. The trio of Hamill, Ford and Fisher still bring in the charm and humor we’ve grown to love from them, but none of them had any praiseworthy moments that really took it to a heightened emotional level.


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