Movie Review #365: Now You See Me

A flawed magic trick that’s nevertheless entertaining

There are times when a movie you’re watching lacks sense or logic, but your sheer enjoyment helps you overlook its faults. As was the case for Now You See Me, a 115-minute magical performance that serves its purpose without you getting the feeling of being robbed.

The plotholes are easy to identify, but the film gets away by continuously presenting us with ‘how did they do that’ moments. That’s what you should expect all throughout and I’d be lying if I told you if there weren’t any surprises. I couldn’t find myself being one step ahead of the plot and true enough that really was what the movie promised.

While NYSM doesn’t offer a highly-intellectual story, it’s helped by a stellar cast that had their own eclectic personalities. Among them I found Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Melanie Laurent as the top performers. But I felt like some characters were left behind as the plot progressed. The inefficient use of its talented actors was a bit disappointing, but at least I found bits and pieces to like with each of them. Recent flicks of the same genre haven’t been worth the money (Oz, Burt Wonderstone), but at least I found enjoyment while watching this. The final performance is nothing to praise about but you need not worry about it because it’s still a worthwhile watch.



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