Movie Review #368: World War Z

So good you’d want to see World War Zequel

I opted to see an original film a few weeks ago instead of a sequel offering. It turns out I made the right decision, as after catching World War Z I was immediately reminded of how good it feels to be presented with a fresh idea – and be absolutely entertained by it.

And thus I’ve become inclined to wait for a Zequel to be greenlighted. The film hooks you with its nicely-touted premise that can be thrilling, exciting, and sometimes even frightening. I don’t know what’s been happening around those reshoots and delays during production, but whatever they fixed was not only repaired but significantly improved. Another thing to point out is its outstanding CGI effects, whether it is zombies forming a human ladder or a wave of them running around the picturesque settings, I’m wowed by the realism and it didn’t seem fake at all. The makeup was quite great as well, and the extras playing the zombies did a wonderful job… being undead.

But of course, no effects could outshine the star of the show. Brad Pitt’s charisma oozes from the screen and he puts on a powerful performance only a few can muster. Even the cast benefits from his commanding aura and director Marc Forster and the writers were kind enough to make them feel essential rather than disposable. So many factors turned this film into a success, and I hope moving forward they could avoid drawbacks that would hinder a potential good follow-up.



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