Movie Review #371: Monsters University

Surprisingly great, Pixar still delivers

Despite the plot limitations set by its premise, Monsters University brings in tons of laughs that more than compensates. Honestly, I was ready to declare Pixar as finally treading towards mediocrity, but after seeing how they were able to pull off a seemingly unnecessary follow-up and turn it into a worthwhile prequel, I had to think otherwise.

Sully and Mike are back and they bring their usual one-two punch. Aside from them, several new monsters also add in to the fun and more often than not they provide a substantial share of the chuckles I shared with my sisters. The film’s ability to appeal to a broad audience impresses me, and there’s also a nostalgia factor for those who already viewed and loved the original. It’s by no means better, but while the story wasn’t as touching or memorable as when they were already working in Monsters, Inc, I don’t remember laughing as much in any other animated film in recent memory.

As a college student, I might’ve accepted the premise more positively than others. It might’ve disallowed the plot to stray away from the university, but they utilized their gimmick well enough to pull it off in a natural, seamless, and unforced way. Thanks to that, Pixar once again belches out a winner.



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