Movie Review #373: Shutter Island (2010)

Sometimes it’s gripping and sometimes it’s not

Shutter Island is an unrestrained, mindf*** suspense thriller by Martin Scorsese. However, it’s also convoluted, predictable, and somewhat tiring. I admire the attempt in creating an eerie atmosphere, beginning with the creepy score, up to the performances of the actors (DiCaprio, Ruffalo, Williams). The trio’s characters were twisted in their own little ways and that’s what made the movie fun.

The thrills didn’t really kick in until the latter half, however when it arrives it’s accompanied by dream sequences that grows old as time passes. The movie forces you to accept them and your reaction towards the scenes makes or breaks your perception towards the film. At times it’s tense and gripping, and the atmosphere really cranks up your mood. But there always seems to be a lingering feeling that what they’re presenting isn’t really as profound as what you want it to be. Nevertheless, the film is full of memorable sequences that turn it into a rather intriguing film.




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