This Week I Watched: Seeker – The Dark Is Rising (#400), Battle: Los Angeles (#401) & I, Robot (#402)

Good day readers! For the past weeks I’ve been very busy so I’ve decided to combine two or more reviews in one blog post. Sadly, as much as I want to delve deeper into each film I see, it eats a lot of time and the content suffers in the process. That’s why starting today, I’ll only be giving out full reviews for recent films and a few old ones. As for the rest, they’ll be compiled together in this new segment called ‘This Week I Watched”. If you want to you could also share your thoughts on the films you viewed over the week. I’d be very happy to converse with fellow bloggers.

So, let’s start things off with Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. This 2007 feature was almost instantly forgotten and I’ve never heard of it since. I was looking for something light and adventurous to check out right before sleeping, so I stumbled upon it only to realize it was a very bad film. I gave it a D+. And the last film to receive that grade was movie #318: The Phantom of the Opera.  In its defense, it wasn’t awful because it was boring, but because it’s poorly executed. I haven’t read Susan Cooper’s books and they actually might be okay, but just like what Rotten Tomatoes said, it seems that the magic of the book was lost in translation. Seemingly, the story wasn’t fit to be in a movie format. The plot was so obviously rushed. No development of the characters was evident and the film was unconvincing in its proposal that the fate of the world lay in a 14-year old’s hands. I am a bit sad of the end result, but ultimately I realized the film did deserve to be forgotten. And after posting this I might as well.

A scene from Battle Los Angeles invoking a sense of realism

Next on the line-up of popcorn flicks is Battle: Los Angeles, which I thought was completely watchable. There was a reasonable explanation as to why things were isolated in a single area, but I wished they took advantage of the premise more. The main cast was expendable but at least they made an effort in creating a connection with the audience. Aaron Eckhart shines in the film as well. The movie has that Call of Duty vibe, with a Hollywood-calibre production and some nice cinematic, but lacking innovation. More than anything else, it’s a decent timewaster.

Finally, we move on to I, Robot, an interesting sci-fi actioner that actually makes you think – which is seldom present in big-budget blockbusters. The CGI was well done and the robots actually look organic despite their minimalist design. The film also had a big help from Will Smith, who possesses a strong personality fitting for a lead role. For the most part, it delivers. Though it could’ve left some unanswered questions by the end.

Final Grades:

Seeker: The Dark Is Rising: D+

Battle: Los Angeles: C+

I, Robot: B-


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