This Week I Watched: The Expendables (#403), Battleship (#404)

Two mediocre films saved by excessive action and ultra-low expectations

Week 2 of my ‘This Week I Watched’ blog entries and I’m happy to announce it fits well with my schedule. I also wouldn’t have to force myself anymore to give extra insight to films which I really don’t have much more to say. Speaking of which, here are two great examples that I was able to catch this week!

The Expendables features a bunch of 80’s action stars having a good time, and are merely tagging us along for the ride. And like what we expect in every movie, there’s a complete story, backed up by endless action, betrayal, and a well-choreographed finale. It didn’t hit the points hard enough and the character’s motivations lacked sense, yet the movie compensates with some guns, grenades and explosions. Not to mention wrestling, who doesn’t want some of those!

While Expendables was overflowing with testosterone, the other film I saw, Battleship, over-delivered in visual effects. However, like so many over-budgeted blockbusters these days, little effort was done everywhere else. This board-game inspired offering by Hasbro was obviously made for commercial purposes and I feel sad that audiences had to suffer because of the greediness of a few. The utilization of the game’s main elements was interesting for a while, but without a proper script, a logical story and compelling actors, Battleship can only entertain you for so long until you decide to quit and move on to more sensible matters. And no, Liam Neeson doesn’t help.

Final Grades:

The Expendables: C

Battleship: C-

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