This Week I Watched: The ABCs of Death (#407), A Secret Affair (#408)

T is for Toilet, one of the best looking shorts I’ve seen

This week I saw two types of films I rarely try out

So far out of five tries only I, Robot managed to get a grade higher than C+ in my ‘This Week I Watched’ entries. Sadly, with the inclusion of these two, only the denominator only rose up.

F is for Fart, a Japanese entry

For The ABC’s of death, If I’d known which letters showed promise at the start I would’ve skipped a majority of them altogether. It is a nightmare to complete and the lack of quality in most entries in the anthology is so prevalent that I found it incredibly difficult to praise some of the more noteworthy parts. Considering 26 directors had their own take of death, most of them were really obsessed with toilets and sex. And it’s only fitting that one of the best parts involve the letter T which stands for, you guessed it: Toilet. My other fave is Quack, a self-aware comedy about the directors who didn’t know what to do with the letter Q. There were also some thought-provoking entries that I had to revisit to understand its deeper meaning, but they are outweighed by the incredibly weird and stupid segments that you wouldn’t even understand even if you researched on the internet (trust me, don’t even bother). The worst ones were the two Japanese entries, along with Gravity, which was a complete waste of time. Overall, it was about 40% good and 60% horrible, which is enough to consider it a bad film on my terms.

A Secret Affair on the other hand is a steamy, sexy film starring three undeniably alluring Filipino actors, Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Andi Eigenmann. Despite the body count, however, its undeveloped characters and laughable supporting cast makes up for a shallow and uncouth offering. Despite trying to convey a meaningful message by the end, it becomes too little too late to the point that it’s already rendered ineffective.

Final Grades:

The ABCs of Death: C-

A Secret Affair: C


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