Movie Review #412: The Host (2013)

Some critics claim it’s the worst movie of 2013, and so far it is.

Bland, underdeveloped and inorganic, The Host makes Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight adaptations feel like Harry Potter. Seriously, some of the entries in the saga ended awfully badly but they aren’t as tragic as this! It all starts out fine; in fact the first 40 minutes was fairly decent. But like any other poorly finished offering, my interest waned to the point that I just wanted all the drama to end.

This always happens with Meyer’s works. She creates intriguing concepts, and I admit even Andrew Niccol’s (screenwriter, the Truman Show) approach made it look very interesting at first glance. There just isn’t anything to be excited about with the plot progression, as promising developments are abandoned one after the other and things become monotonous. The concept of Saoirse Ronan’s soul (Melanie) fighting an alien entity that took over her body gets boring as well, especially the narration. There were so many unnecessary junk taking place and they didn’t even bother hiding it. Had it not been for Ronan’s efforts I would’ve lost myself completely while watching. But as much as it’s bad, I don’t hate it because going in I didn’t expect much anyway. There are definitely others out there that are a lot worse than this. I might have even given them higher grades, but I just can’t forgive this movie for not trying harder.



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