This Week I Watched: Inside Job (#414), 300 (#415), Perks of Being A Wallflower (#416)

I’m back and boy did I have a great week at the movies! First I had my initial viewing of 2010’s academy award winning documentary, Inside Job. Then I feasted on the chiselled, greased-up bodies of Spartans in 300 (just kidding). Finally, I took a little detour with a surprisingly mature flick called the Perks of Being a Wallflower. All of them are very good films and I personally recommend them.

To start off, let me just tell you that I’m currently a college student taking up business administration and accountancy, which means that I’d actually be one of those people who’d be excited to catch Inside Job. It gives us a closer look to what took place during the financial crisis in the mid-2000s, and is no doubt a well-thought of, well-directed piece. Going in I didn’t even know much about what happened, and this film was definitely an eye-opener. It’s compelling, informative, and angry. And that rage is what drove the movie to be so much more than a simple inquisitive documentary. It’s so good it’s now on my ‘Top 10 Films of 2010’ list.

Next up is 300, Zack Snyder’s visually-striking medieval blockbuster that I remember liking a lot back when it was first released. I haven’t rated it then but I have to say my repeat viewing was just as enjoyable. War never looked as good as this, and Snyder should receive most of the credit. Compared to his disaster named Sucker Punch, this one actually had a story to tell, and Gerard Butler was brutish and charismatic as Leonidas.

Last but not the least: Perks. I’ve always wanted to catch this but I keep forgetting. But when I finally did I was taken aback by how this coming-of-age story played out. It’s very well done and the things going on in the film hits you hard. Not only does Stephen Chbosky tackle mature themes, he also presents it in an intriguing way. The trio of Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Emma Watson are entertaining to watch and I can only hope they can continue their careers with even greater roles. The film is not without its flaws (like the cinematography), but one can only complain so much about an otherwise wonderful movie.

Final Grades:

Inside Job: A-

300: B+

The Perks of Being A Wallflower: B+

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