Movie Reviews of 2013: Mud (#421), The Place Beyond The Pines (#422)

Doing some marathon-ing the past week so I’m gonna have to shorten my thoughts on each movie. Don’t worry though, I’ll still get to the bottom of everything. Expect this format for the next two weeks or so. And to start it off, let me tell you something about Mud and The Place Beyond The Pines – two very good dramas, but the replayability of the former is loads more than the latter.


Featuring real actors with unbelievable potential

Who would’ve expected the generic Hollywood rom-com star Matthew McConaughey to end up transforming into an actor worthy of an Oscar nomination. He becomes a completely different person in Mud, a movie involving one of the finest acting ensembles of the year. Yet despite his great performance, the real scene-stealer is 16-year old Tye Sheridan who pulls off a tearjerker with such ease it’s impressive to watch. The performances in this southern coming-of-age drama are compelling, heart-warming, and engaging at the same time and I hope it won’t be forgotten come Oscar season. They make great use of the screenplay and director Jeff Nichols did well in creating a realistic setting that really helped nail down one’s connection with the characters. It’s a very solid drama and has now made its way to my Top 10 Films of 2013.



A solid drama that’s tough to watch

There’s nothing to love about this film, because in all aspects The Place Beyond The Pines is a downer. But what compels you to keep watching are the characters that are sadly intertwined in this tough drama starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Dane DeHaan.  It tackles themes similar to those of On The Job – my current favorite film of the year. It’s a solid, beautifully-made, and gut-wrenching drama about fate, fatherhood and responsibilities – but its premise is so depressing that I’d probably never see it again due to its unapologetic grittiness.





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