Movie Reviews of 2013: Gangster Squad (#423), Spring Breakers (#424)


Guns ablazing and not much more

You don’t have to worry about getting mind-f*cked in Gangster Squad, because it plays exactly by-the-book that there isn’t much room left to be surprised with anything they reveal. So to make up for its lack of originality, it overloads on action and explosions. Not to mention the film features veteran actors Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte together with the alluring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The cast proves that despite the generic story they are able to turn any dialogue into something still interesting. It’s too bad they can’t do something better with that pool of talent.



Ironically abuses style more than substance

Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is a fitting representation of a film that’s unafraid to go all wild and experimental, but ends up forgetting the story in favor of some flashy visuals. The plot is such a shallow one that it’s unforgivable and no amount of eye candy can make up for it. And despite James Franco’s performance being commendable, I personally did not enjoy his character as well as those of his bikini-clad companions. The end result is something I’d rather not revisit again, though it’s not completely disgraceful. If you’re planning to see this though, try to check out what other people think as this is one very polarizing film.



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