Movie Reviews of 2013: The Great Gatsby (#425), Beautiful Creatures (#426)


A generic telling of the classic novel merely given a facelift

Flashy but not compelling, straightforward but a little too simple, Baz Luhrman’s artistic style is as lavish as ever – yet if feels out of sync when paired with The Great Gatsby’s uninspired narrative. But ultimately, Gatsby’s greatest downfall comes from its 142-minute running time, which diminished and downplayed a lot of scenes where tension was supposed to be running high.

What saves the film from being a total mess is its talented cast whose strongest player isn’t even the one playing Gatsby. Rather, it’s Tobey Maguire the storyteller who caught most of my attention. Despite his subdued presence in the film, I felt like his character was the one gluing them together and I also found his narration very engaging. Almost as captivating is Leonardo DiCaprio who’s dashing looks truly fit his role, though the way Gatsby was presented wasn’t something I absolutely adored. Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton and Elizabeth Debicki stood their ground as well, but they weren’t as charismatic as the two male leads.



Cute, charming and fresh

Now this is truly an outlier among a plethora of bad young-adult fantasy romance titles being released lately. Beautiful Creatures is cute, charming and fresh. It’s absolutely guilt-free and I’m not embarrassed to say I liked it! Most commendable is its involvement of two very strong leads (Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert), young actors who are not your typical Hollywood top billers. Yet they command such charisma that helps make their love story believable enough to make me forget about the other generic elements the movie possesses. If studios keep surprising us with flicks such as this, then we may not need to lose hope on the genre after all.



3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews of 2013: The Great Gatsby (#425), Beautiful Creatures (#426)

  1. Hi, just found your blog. Love movies a lot. You could reach more readers if your titles weren’t sorted by year and review number. I guess nobody cares it’s number 424, everybody is just searching on other humans opinions about movies they watched or heard about? Just saying!!! Great blog!

    1. Finally, somebody mentioned the numbering! I guess I just got used to it. I’m not trying to sound douche-y but I thought the numbering makes my titles unique. And I was thinking maybe the tags can make up for the long title when people search for films, am I wrong? The year usually is reserved only for movies released during the current year, but it’s a little inconsistent and I forget sometimes. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and I’ll be considering your suggestions for my next post. Cheers!

      1. Hi, I am crazy about movies and that’s the only reason why I even considered opening a post with nerdy numbering in the title :-)))) I understand what you are doing, but maybe just loose the hashtag in front of the number and just call it Number 1 etc, looks more inviting. :-))) but great blog, enjoy watching!!!

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