Movie Review #431: Frozen

A new golden age has begun in Disney Animations

For the third film in a row, the home of Mickey Mouse has provided the best animated feature film of the year. It’s hard to imagine another high quality offering that could match Frozen for a while (The Wind Rises could prove me wrong). Because despite its simplicity and safe themes, it’s musical brilliance is something that will be remembered even beyond the holiday season.

The songs alone are well worth the price of admission. The soundtrack is an easy download and has been on replay on my iPod ever since I had a copy. As the track Vuelie opens the movie about a minute in I was already hooked and the subsequent scenes were eargasmic as much as it’s heartwarming. Highlights came during Idina Menzel’s performance of Let It Go as her character Queen Elsa hides in isolation as well as her back-and-forth with Anna (Kristen Bell) in For The First Time In Forever. The two actresses weren’t even mentioned until the end credits yet it actually allowed me to focus more on Anna and Elsa, which is always nice.

The story is simple enough to be followed by your 7 year-old cousin and it is here where the film’s strengths and weaknesses lie. It’s not groundbreaking and just follows the formula of past Disney classics (funny sidekicks, plot twists, tension between main characters). Even so, to be able to present a tale of two sisters without forcing a noteworthy villain in the mix is worthy of recognition considering it felt complete.

There is a lot to love and like within Frozen’s 90 minute screen time. It’s not overly funny and nor is it epic in scale but I have grown to like the film even more as days pass by. It has made me even more excited to see what’s up Disney’s sleeve in the future, much more than Pixar. Hopefully a new golden age has come and the house of mouse will be back with something greater than we can imagine.



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