Mini-Review: Behind The Candelabra

Soderbergh produces back-to-back hits this 2013

My first encounter with Liberace comes in the form of Steven Soderbergh’s latest offering Behind The Candelabra, a $23M production featuring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon his lover Scott Thorson. The two leads provide a full, no holds barred view of the former’s last 10 years and they deserve merit for their fearless performances. Story-wise it’s pretty straightforward, though the lavish set-pieces, detailed make-up and signature Soderbergh style of direction more than make up for it. It’s a hard topic to be appreciated, even though the passing of time and the arrival of a new generation has allowed gays and lesbians to become more open about their sexuality. This movie provides a nice perspective on it, so I commend the people behind this production m for being brave enough to tackle it. Even if you strip away the topic, it’s still a well-acted, well-paced drama.



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