Mini-Review: The Purge

A ridiculous film, but entertaining nonetheless

What’s scarier than the movie itself is the possibility of an annual “Purge” happening. Imagine a society where unemployment rate is at 1% – that’s almost too good to be true. Yet despite its benefits I’m not quite sure if I want to subject myself to a law where everything illegal becomes legal for a day. And as evident in the film, people have gone crazy to the point of insanity.

My opinion on the premise aside, The Purge is mildly entertaining. It gets a little cliché near the end as director James DeMonaco tends to frighten the audience using the same technique over and over again. But regardless of its predictability I found the camerawork to be solid as it provides the atmosphere needed for maximum thrills. Among the cast, Ethan Hawke did the most work, followed by Rhys Wakefield and Lena Headey. Theoretically the things that occurred might be possible, but logically speaking it isn’t. There are actually more things they can do to exploit the idea, and should a sequel arise I hope they wouldn’t keep themselves isolated in just one area.



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