Mini-Review: Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

Light-hearted romance with a tinge of childish comedy and mild drama

I admire Joss Whedon’s incredible talent for filmmaking. To be able to create one at his backyard – and a good one at that – without much of a budget is astonishing. While it’s arguable that his adaptation of the classic play by Shakespeare is profound, I believe he has done exactly what he envisioned the project to be. It took me a while to get used to the dialogue as I found the cast to be reading their lines than playing their characters at the beginning. But as soon as the story unravels the focus then shifts and therefore subduing my concerns. There are some intense dramatic moments, but it comes so rarely that I take more notice of the comedy and the love story embedded in it. Not one of those elements is elevated to great heights though, but that’s the most I can complain about. It’s just a sweet, light and well-handled movie – nothing more, nothing less.



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