Mini-Review: The Hangover Part III

Surprisingly mild, less wild, and more mature

There are few blockbusters left that can surprise you. In the final chapter of the Hangover trilogy, they abandon the original’s concept and instead give way for a more sober conclusion that respects the characters they have so often abused and ridiculed. It might not be a film people expected, but as much as it’s disappointing it’s also satisfying to know that they thought the story over. The lack of laughs is compensated by a more sensible plot. Some problems are still carried over from the last two installments but they are less annoying than before. Ken Jeong is still film’s the strongest asset, while the Wolf Pack has pretty much stayed the same. The movie is actually more dramatic than comedic, and that shift in tone has its advantages as well as problems, but its sincerity manages to keep it afloat without it ever falling apart.



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