Mini-Review: The Heat

Works for the most part, but a tad too long

For maximum satisfaction, this buddy comedy featuring an unlikely combination of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy should be seen with a group of friends. The movie is filled with gags and quips from start to finish, but I feel each one could only make about 50% of the audience laugh. So with the company of other people, there’s a higher chance of getting more out of this rather generic outing.

That said, the distinct factor of the film is really the chemistry between the two main leads as you discover how compatible their personalities are. You root for them and therefore you’ll most likely stay with them ‘til the end, no matter how ridiculous and dumb things get. There’s some bad editing involved at the climax, which all the more makes it look like they focused more on making jokes than constructing a worthwhile story. But hey, overall I still had a good time. Though had it been shorter it would’ve been a lot easier to overlook its problems.



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