A Few Months Ago I Watched: Fast & Furious 6, The East, Scary Movie V

Author’s Comment: Hey everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I’m back to regular blogging after a crazy semester in college. I may not have this much free time in the future, so I might as well make the most out of it. I have yet to post several movie reviews I’ve written before so I’m trying to finish the backlog for now. Rest assured I’ll begin covering recent releases in a few days.

This week I covered the sixth installment of the Fast franchise, the fifth Scary Movie as well as eco-thriller The East. Among the three, the last stood out the most as the other two were rather forgettable.

Fast 6 is disposable cinema at its finest. This is what happens when you have a star-studded cast, a studio in need of a summer tentpole, and an audience whose simple demand is to be entertained. The cars are fast, the action is interesting, things blow up, and the story and dialogue are still dumb as hell. Same old thing, but we fall for it time and time again. GRADE: C+

I don’t mind disposable as long as it’s not utter garbage like Scary Movie 5. You wanna know what type of jokes they hitcha with? Just check the image above. It’s not really funny, and that pretty much sums the whole movie up. The only thing working in its favor is the fact that directors and actors involved in this project are incredibly self-aware that you’re able to laugh at their work without feeling bad for insulting them. They brought this to themselves and while I’m being kind for not giving it an F (because I actually laughed a few times), as a movie it’s something that should’ve never have been greenlighted. Lazy writing and terrible segments destroy it. GRADE: D

At the other side of the spectrum there’s a much better film called The East an inquisitive and intriguing thriller with some minor setbacks. What I liked most about it is its tendency to ask questions about the status quo in our society: should we stay blind and allow the people with power to decide the fate of the world? Or are we going to stand up for what we believe in and make a difference? No matter whose side you’re on: corporations, non-profit organizations, activists, even anarchists, the film allows people to see each other’s perspective. And this sense of humanity helps us in understanding the motivations of each group.

The film, although clearly contrived, is competently written and well-acted. This is my first glimpse of actress Brit Marling’s work and she’s quite impressive. I also don’t see much of Alexander Skaarsgard but he too did a good job. The East faces some pacing issues here and there, but that was not enough to prevent me from liking the movie as a whole. GRADE: B


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