Review #456: The Wolf of Wall Street

Excessive, effective entertainment

The film’s excessiveness and irreverence may prevent others from enjoying this very polarizing black comedy, but I felt that the presentation of the life of Jordan Belfort was both effective and entertaining. Leonardo DiCaprio gets wild and crazy, and you can say the same to describe Martin Scorsese’s directing. For a guy who’s 71 years old, you have to wonder how he was able to muster this (considering he made child-friendly Hugo just a few years back).

Yep, the number of vajayjays and/or cocaine in each scene might be too much. Yet I felt everything that was shown in the film was there for good reason: to remind us of what happened in Wall Street (of course it’s loosely true), to effectively preclude us from believing it was alright, and to show the consequences of the actions of a very, very morally deceased person. That said, the film didn’t have to be 3 hours long! Still, I had a fun time watching, and it will definitely have a place in my list of iconic/memorable movies. Oh, and P.S., I shall remember the name Margot Robbie for the rest of my life. She surprised the hell out of me with her alluring charm.


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