Interstitial: The Man With The Iron Fists

This movie is somewhere between a time-waster and a complete waste of time, so I’m not even going to say much about it. Batista was awesome being himself though! That alone puts the film two notches above F. Also, Jamie Chung needs better projects, she’s being wasted here. An awful movie to sit through: corny action, unlikeable characters, but the real stinger is that it’s presented by Quentin Tarentino! Not that it means a lot. You just don’t associate his name with a bad film too often, that’s all.



2 thoughts on “Interstitial: The Man With The Iron Fists

  1. I remember thinking when I finished watching this, “Well, there goes my afternoon.” I pretty much shared the same feelings you did. Nice review.

  2. Good review. I didn’t expect high-art from this movie, and that’s what I got in return. However, I don’t think RZA was all that confident as a director to keep this material interesting and fun the whole way through.

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