Review #462: Godzilla (2014)

The monster blockbuster that crushes it

When Ken Watanabe says Guh-zilla will save the world, you better believe him. Don’t think that he’s the man of the hour though; in fact most of the human characters in the film are largely inconsequential despite the pool of talent portraying them (Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston). Their main purpose is simply to bring the story forward so that we could witness an epic showdown between ravaging monsters inside a city, pulverizing buildings and cars that block their path like it were bugs. An amazing sight to witness in the theater indeed!

Godzilla unequivocally steals the spotlight. He’s hard to miss ‘cause he basically covers the whole screen. I haven’t seen the 90’s version but it’s safe to say that this modern retelling benefited from technological breakthroughs in cinema of the past decade. It’s quite difficult to create a CGI beast that can invoke some kind of emotional reaction within a moviegoer, and I couldn’t help but root for the monster as he crushes anyone or anything that gets in its way. As a spectacle I believe this blockbuster delivered exactly what it was supposed to, but taking into consideration some unique action scenes and surprisingly good cinematography, this film is far from being generic and is truly a worthwhile summer blockbuster.



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