Mini-Review #464: Maleficent

Light and unintentionally funny at times, but by no means terrible

Let me declare Angelina Jolie as the one true savior of this film. In fact without her and her multi-scene-stealing cheekbones, Maleficent would just be a CGI-fest devoid of story, emotion, and character development (in other words, Oz: The Great and Powerful). Surprisingly, she was able to pull everything together, transforming an otherwise lifeless film into an amusing retelling of a classic Disney tale. Aside from Jolie and Elle Fanning, there aren’t many noteworthy subjects to talk about. You could applaud the visuals, but I found it to be rather sloppy and poorly edited at times. And you couldn’t say much about the plot either, because it’s just the same tale with a slight twist. Those didn’t bother me though, there’s enough magic and charm in there to make it a crowd-pleaser. Surely it won’t disappoint most people, but will it turn out to be a definitive reboot? Probably not.



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