Review #466: Edge of Tomorrow

Previously titled: All You Need Is Kill

A definitive summer action blockbuster

The marketing says it all: live, die, repeat. They play that line over and over until you get used to it. Great, you just got spoiled with the plot – no point in seeing the movie then, eh? Well, that’s what I thought. You’d think these ads would ruin your experience in the theater. It does actually, at least for the first 15 minutes. Beyond that though, the events become tougher to predict. Soon enough you’ll be hanging by the edge of your seat, anxious to see what happens next.

That’s how the movie gets you. It hides itself within a smokescreen of mediocrity, but once it clears out you begin to see its true greatness. It’s not a dumb actioner, nor is it a sci-fi pretending to be intelligent. It’s a summer blockbuster that ironically favors substance over style, and boy is it more entertaining than watching stuff blow up for no reason!

Edge’s story is centered on Cage (Tom Cruise), an officer that unwillingly becomes stuck in a time loop during a war with an alien race. Short of options, Cage repeatedly lives and dies in order to find a solution to his problem. Fortunately, he meets Rita (Emily Blunt), an excellent soldier that may just be the key to make everything back to normal.

Get ready for Emily Blunt’s heart-pounding push ups…wew!

It doesn’t hurt that the actors you’re feeding the lines to are stars with a fairly high amount of charisma. Aside from Cruise and Blunt’s great showing, Bill Paxton does an excellent job as the hard-headed, no-nonsense Master Sergeant Farell. Christopher McQuarrie’s (Jack Reacher, MI:4) brilliant writing is magnified by their performances. It also gave room to some tongue-and-cheek humor that’s hard to pull off in a serious blockbuster.

Like I said, the movie relies a lot on the story and characters, which I enjoyed. The plot’s repetitive nature isn’t even a problem as each new day brings forth new and exciting experiences for Cage. However, the effects and action is nothing spectacular. That’s about the only reason why it didn’t completely amaze me. Edge of Tomorrow is much like a classic action game crammed into two hours: compelling, fast-paced and incredibly fun. You die again and again, but it gets better each time.



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