Reviewing 2014 Films: She’s Dating The Gangster, Step Up: All In

#474: She’s Dating The Gangster

She’s Dating The Gangster is a legitimately funny and touching Filipino mainstream movie that’s more than just the cheesy teenage love story people have come to expect. My expectations were shamefully low coming in and I was prepared to have a good time regardless of its quality. But I had no idea I’d actually cry at some point! The build-up leading to that moment makes it work and there never was a dull part throughout the film.

Kathryn Bernardo is a cuter version of veteran actress Sarah Geronimo, and pretty boy Daniel Padilla knows what he’s doing. Their acting skills were okay but both have huge potential and I’m actually curious about their next project. It’s a good movie with a touching message and its problems are forgivable. What can I say… I was fooled by the marketing!


#475: Step Up: All In

This is probably my least favorite Step Up film among the three I’ve seen (The Streets, 3D, and this one). All in all it was okay – B for the Dancing, D for the Acting. There weren’t many wow moments for me but maybe it’s because they gave most of them away in the trailers so the element of surprise was gone. I also found the character motivations weak. The ending was fun though, and there were a lot of returning people from the previous films (Moose included). You might enjoy it more if you’ve seen Step Up 4: Revolution, but that’s just a guess.



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