Movie Review #331: Dumb and Dumber

A bad film worth watching

I’m not a big fan of low-brow movies, but when I see one I make sure not to criticize its stupidity and just enjoy the laughs I get from it. This one’s a classic example and while I wasn’t laughing out loud all the way it was still mildly entertaining. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are complete idiots here and since that’s what they were actually gunning for I guess you could say they nailed it. Part of the fun is having facepalm moments that the film can pull off very easily. Technically it’s a bad film, but man it’s so bad it’s good.



Box Office Results: December 23-25, 2011 [MI:4 Dominates Christmas Weekend]

My apologies for being a couple of days late, but I wanted to wait for more accurate grosses so that I won’t have to edit the numbers and misinform you later on. Most sites reported a lower box office total when early estimates came out. As it turned out, families wanted to spend Christmas in the movies! Movies ended up at most $3M higher as a result.

This is actually the first Box Office Results entry I made since December 4, so you may be surprised to know that I already nailed the top spot for six straight weeks. Nyaha!

[note: grosses are for the 3-day weekend]

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 6 Weeks in a Row

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

#1 MOVIE THIS WEEK – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (1st Week) – The film added 3,000 theaters and as a result went up by 130% from week-to-week. Still, if you add what it earned Monday its total haul would’ve looked much stronger.

Predicted Gross: Rank 1, $30.4M /Actual Gross: $29.5M (+130%)

Total Gross: $61.9M


#2 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows – It’s behind the original film by more than $50M as of today and it looks like it won’t even crack the $200M barrier. Warner Bros, maybe it’s time to back off from greenlighting sequels a little bit.

Predicted Gross: Rank 3, $18.1M /Actual Gross: $20.3M (-48.9%)

Total Gross: $79.0M

#3 – THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO – This one dropped to 4th place on Monday. Though I’m not really excited to catch this one, I’m a bit disappointed considering this was an adaptation of a bestselling novel which sold millions of copies worldwide. Hmm, we’ll see if it has legs.

Predicted Gross: Rank 2, $21.2M /Actual Gross: $12.8M

Total Gross: $21.1M


#4 – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – It was a bad year for animated movies overall. Earlier I said that Sherlock trailed its predecessor by $50M right? Well right now Chipwrecked lags behind Squeakwel by more than $90M. Alvin went all in, but moviegoers folded early.

Predicted Gross: Rank 5, $13.4M /Actual Gross: $12.6M (-45.9%)

Total Gross: $49.5M


#5 – THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: SECRET OF THE UNICORN – Looks like most people in the US didn’t grow up reading the books where the movie was based on. There used to be a stack of Tintin novels over at my elementary school’s library…Ah, memories…

Predicted Gross: Rank 4, $13.5M /Actual Gross: $9.7M

Total Gross: $17.7M


#6 – WE BOUGHT A ZOO – Perhaps the most underwhelming opening of all was this pic starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. The low number doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie though, it’s just that it got overshadowed in the crowded marketplace.

Predicted Gross: Rank 6, $11.5M /Actual Gross: $9.4M

Total Gross: $9.4M


#7 – WAR HORSE – Probably the best result of the weekend! Steven Speilberg really hit the mark as War Horse opened in third place during its Christmas debut, and it ended up grabbing seventh place for the weekend despite having only one day to rake in the cash. Expect this one to hold on until the end of the Oscar season!

Predicted Gross: Rank 7, $5.1M /Actual Gross: $7.5M

Total Gross: $7.5M


The Darkest Hour also opened on Christmas Day with a better-than-expected $3M. It won’t have legs unfortunately.


TOTAL SCORE: 3 out of 7, with a variance of $2.9248 per prediction

Total Weekend Gross: $127M, down $12M from the same weekend last year


[Note: My apologies for not being able to post detailed box office results for last week. It sucks because I really wanted to write about the disaster that happened. I’ll make it up to you this week]

When five new movies are expected to be released nationwide over five days, you’ll have no choice but to pick the best one out of the crop. Of course, a lot of factors kick in, but in the end there’s only one result: it’s going to be a crowded weekend at the movies.

There’s a film for everyone this Christmas: drama, action, animation, thriller, family, horror, comedy. The variation will not only benefit moviegoers, but the movies as well. These new films may not be expected to break any records, but in the long run they could end up having grosses north of $100M since most of them are currently holding fresh ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. And word of mouth is very important especially during Oscar season.

                However, none of those movies will probably catch up to Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, as it goes all-in and expands into more than 3000 theaters. After having an amazing run  in 400+ IMAX theaters, the critically praised sequel will have no problem in attracting moviegoers and raking in the money to claim the top spot.

                With MI4 taking the crown, the highly-anticipated The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo will have to settle for second place. It could end up surprising us though, but I suspect that die-hard fans of the Millennium novels will catch it during the first two days (Wednesday and Thursday), which will affect the film’s performance over the weekend.

                After a very disappointing $39.5M debut last week, the current #1 film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will have no room to breathe and relax as competition pushes it down the chart. It may even fall a bit lower and concede to fourth or fifth place. Good word-of-mouth could propel it north of $20M though, but it’s highly unlikely.

                This week’s wildcard goes to Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin. Inspired by the series of graphic novels of the same name, Tintin is less popular in the US compared to Europe, but it should entice enough audiences to pull off an average box office run. It will have to battle Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked if it wants to get to the top four but right now Tintin has the advantage since it’s new while the latter even struggled to capture moviegoers’ attention last week with its terrible $25M start (as compared to the previous films).

                Among other new releases, We Bought A Zoo should have a decent debut. War Horse and The Darkest Hour opens on Christmas Eve which means that their weekend grosses will represent only their first day earnings. War Horse should garner more ticket sales than the latter, which looks like it’s being overshadowed by the overwhelming number of new releases. All movies are predicted to do well over the week.

                TOP 7 PREDICTIONS

#1 – $30.4M – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

#2 – $21.2M – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

#3 – $18.1M – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

#4 – $13.5M – The Adventures of Tintin

#5 – $13.4M – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

#6 – $11.5M – We Bought A Zoo

#7 – $5.1M – War Horse

#10 – $2.1M – The Darkest Hour

Box Office Results: December 2-4, 2011 [Twilight Twi-peats]

My, oh, my. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn may not be able to match the final gross of New Moon, but it has etched its name in the record books by being the only movie in the franchise to hold at #1 for the third week in a row. Weeks ago I went into a slump due to my never-ending incorrect predictions for the top movie. Now I’ve hit the right mark three straight times. Thank you, Breaking Dawn, for indirectly helping me get my mojo back. But sorry, I’m still not inclined to watch you.

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 3 Weeks in a Row

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

#1 MOVIE THIS WEEK – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (3rd Week) – Yep, same old story here, only that BD finished better than New Moon and Eclipse in its third week. It won’t crack $300M though, but I believe that the final film of the franchise will be the biggest.

Predicted Gross: Rank 1, $15.2M /Actual Gross: $16.9M (-59.5%)

Total Gross: $247.3M


#2 – The Muppets (2nd Week) – Yowch! To think that this critically acclaimed film would actually perform worse than Breaking Dawn! I already knew that this film won’t end up at the top, but I never expected it to be heavily frontloaded! People should go and catch this before it’s too late. It’s 96% Fresh for Pete’s sake!

Predicted Gross: Rank 2, $14.8M /Actual Gross: $11.2M (-61.7%)

Total Gross: $56.1M


#3 – Hugo (2nd Week) – As expected, Hugo rises from #5 to #3 this weekend. It didn’t earn more though, despite having more theaters than before. Nevertheless, it’s poised to hold on well over the holiday season and it’s getting some buzz too with Scorsese being pitched in among the nominees for Best Director.

Predicted Gross: Rank 3, $7.8M /Actual Gross: $7.6M (-32.9%)

Total Gross: $25.2M


#4 – Arthur Christmas (2nd Week) – I should have switched this one with Happy Feet Two. I was fooled by Arthur’s poor performance over the weekdays.

Predicted Gross: Rank 5, $6.5M /Actual Gross: $7.3M (-39.1%)

Total Gross: $25.3M


#5 – Happy Feet Two (3rd Week) – So far the sequel has earned 43% of what the original had at this point. Looks like its the end of another franchise.

Predicted Gross: Rank 4, $6.6M /Actual Gross: $6.0M (-55.2%)

Total Gross: $51.8M


#6 – Jack and Jill (4th Week) – Jack didn’t fall down this week as the film holds on at #6

Predicted Gross: Rank 7, $4.9M /Actual Gross: $5.5M (-45.0%)

Total Gross: $64.3M


#7 – The Descendants – The film is the first limited-release of the year to reach $10M in 12 days and right now it’s prepping for a full-scale nationwide release next week.

Predicted Gross: Rank 6, $6.5M /Actual Gross: $5.2M (-29.2%)

Total Gross: $18.1M


In other box office news, NC-17 film Shame starring Michael Fassbender had a very strong opening in just 10 theaters with $361,000. That’s $36,100 per theater!

TOTAL SCORE: 3 out of 7, with a variance of $1.2571428 per prediction (all-time high)

Total Weekend Gross: $80M, down $6M from the same weekend last year (when Tangled climbed to the top of the charts)


The post-Thanksgiving weekend is usually one of the weakest box office weekends of the year, and 2011 is no exception. The week almost feels the same as the one back in 2009, when New Moon was trumped by The Blind Side in its third weekend. This time, it’ll be the Muppets, who’ll attempt to topple the polarizing franchise.

But if last week’s grosses were any indication, Twilight should win the weekend, becoming the only film in the franchise to win three weeks in a row. Two years ago, New Moon and The Blind Side were merely $2M apart during Thanksgiving. And since the former is heavily frontloaded, it gave the Oscar-winning pic an opportunity to seize the crown. What’s different this time is that The Muppets are still $12M away from Breaking Dawn’s $41.7M cume last week, which means that the movie will have to hold very well to edge out BD. The Muppets will likely close the gap between them, but expect the movie to miss the top spot once again.

While most films usually fall by more than 50% during this weekend, Hugo and The Descendants will break the norm. The two well received movies are set to expand in more theaters nationwide, which will help them climb up the box office chart. I underestimated Hugo last week, and after posting strong numbers during the weekdays, I expect it to sail past the other holdovers to soar to the #3 spot. George Clooney’s Oscar bait The Descendants should also jump to #6 as it aims to get more buzz this Oscar season.

Meanwhile, holdovers Happy Feet Two, Arthur Christmas and Jack and Jill will probably earn half of their grosses last week, and will make room for the movies stated above.


#1 – $15.2M – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

#2 – $14.8M – The Muppets

#3 – $7.8M – Hugo

#4 – $6.6M – Happy Feet Two

#5 – $6.5M – Arthur Christmas

#6 – $6.5M – The Descendants

#7 – $4.9M – Jack and Jill

Box Office Results: November 25-27, 2011 [TWILIGHT FENDS OFF MUPPETS]

Why is it that I always nail the right numbers for Twilight? For the second week in a row, I end up just a couple of million short of the actual gross of Breaking Dawn. The film also managed to hold off three new movies to claim the top spot for the second straight time, albeit lagging behind New Moon once again.

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 2 Weeks in a Row

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

#1 MOVIE THIS WEEK – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2nd Week) – You’ve already seen the faces of R. Patz and K. Stew four times in my blog, but what can I do? It’s not like I can put The Muppets there. Fortunately, I see The Muppets pulling off a Blind Side next week, with Breaking Dawn slipping to second place. déjà vu

Predicted Gross: Rank 1, $40M /Actual Gross: $42.0M (booyah!)

Total Gross: $221.3M


#2 – THE MUPPETS (1st Week) – I’d really like to congratulate the marketing team of Disney for doing an awesome job of making The Muppets reboot look fun and enjoyable. Weeks of aggressive ads and parodies paid off as the film already outgrossed all but one of the Muppets movies in its first five days.

Predicted Gross: Rank 2, $36.5M /Actual Gross: $29.5M

Total Gross: $42.0M


#3 – Happy Feet Two (2nd Week) – I was right when I said that Happy Feet wouldn’t be able to follow Puss In Boots’ footsteps. The animated film dropped by 37% in week 2 and is now lagging the original movie by more than $50M. Not good. Not good at all.

Predicted Gross: Rank 3, $18.2M /Actual Gross: $13.4M

Total Gross: $43.7M


#4 – ARTHUR CHRISTMAS (1st Week) – I suddenly realized that I was very bullish with most of my predictions.  It seemed that Wednesday/Thursday had a bigger share in the week’s grosses than I had expected. The film has a respectable 91% Fresh Rating over at RT and I’m a bit sad that people didn’t notice this as much as Happy Feet.

Predicted Gross: Rank 4, $16.3M /Actual Gross: $12.7M

Total Gross: $17.0M

#5 – HUGO (1st Week) – Well, look at that! Martin Scorsese’s 3D adventure did exactly what I said it wouldn’t. It entered the top five, grossed more than $10M and defeated the three holdovers which I declared would take the last three spots in the top 7. Way to go Hugo!

Predicted Gross: Rank 8, $8.5M /Actual Gross: $11.3M

Total Gross: $15.3M


#6 – Jack and Jill (3rd Week) – Fell only by 12.3% in its third week, probably the only good thing that occurred to this film.

Predicted Gross: Rank 7, $9.8M /Actual Gross: $10.3M

Total Gross: $57.4M


#7 – Immortals (3rd Week) – This movie has a similar budget to Jack and Jill, the only difference is that this one has earned $11M more.

Predicted Gross: Rank 6, $10.0M /Actual Gross: $8.8M

Total Gross: $68.6M


TOTAL SCORE: 4 out of 7, with a variance of $3.1286 per prediction

Total Weekend Gross: $162.9M, down $18M from the same weekend last year (when Deathly Hallows Part 1 stayed on top)


[Note: The predictions I’ll give are for the three-day weekend, not the five-day break]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ‘Tis the perfect weekend to be watching movies as three films with Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 95% Fresh and above will debut and delight audiences over the extended break, which is very rare! The Muppets, Arthur Christmas, and Hugo are all targeting the family crowd, while last week’s champion The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is still getting fans to watch it again.

The weekend is almost similar to last year’s Thanksgiving feast. Harry Potter 7 Part 1 remained atop in its second weekend despite crashing above 60%. The film is closely followed by Disney’s Tangled, while another animated movie, Megamind settled at a distant third. Much like Potter,   Breaking Dawn is also heavily frontloaded and is expected to bleed like New Moon. The film usually caters to its huge fanbase rather than the general audience, which means that Summit Entertainment will rely heavily on the film’s followers to get it to first place again. However, despite the disadvantage, don’t be surprised to see Breaking Dawn atop the box office once again.

If Potter is to Twilight, then The Muppets is to Tangled. The latter won the hearts of many last year with its fresh retelling of the classic fairytale. And judging by the early reviews, I guess we can conclude that Jason Segel, Amy Adams and the Muppets will also get the same reception. With its 97% Fresh rating at RT, this reboot is expected to have a solid run box office run – bringing nostalgia to its long-time fans and at the same time enticing new ones.

Last week’s major disappointment, Happy Feet Two, is set to perform far worse than its predecessor in its second weekend. The sequel to the Oscar-winning animated pic won’t be able to pull off what Puss in Boots was able to do a few weeks back. The film will be dragged down by all new releases but will probably end up taking the third spot.

Another animated movie, Arthur Christmas, is vying for fourth place. The film is backed by Aardman Animations, the same company that brought us Wallace and Gromit and Flushed Away. Although lacking buzz, Arthur is still expected to rake in double digits and finish ahead of the last major new release.

I usually just predict the top 7 movies, but I’ll make an exception to give room for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. This will be his first attempt to make a children’s film, and while it’s being praised by most critics, theatre owners doubt its ability to attract moviegoers. It will open in 1277 theaters, significantly smaller than The Muppets’ 3440 and Arthur Christmas’ 3376. It would be almost impossible for Hugo to get above $10M because of that.

With Scorsese expected to take eighth place, holdovers Puss in Boots, Immortals, and Jack and Jill will get the remaining three spots in the top 7, wherein anyone can outperform each other.


#1 – $40.0M – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

#2 – $36.5M – The Muppets

#3 – $18.2M – Happy Feet Two

#4 – $16.3M – Arthur Christmas

#5 – $10.1M – Puss in Boots

#6 – $10.0M – Immortals

#7 – $9.8M – Jack and Jill

#8 – $8.5M – Hugo