Topy’s Top 10 Songs For June 24-30, 2011

Nothing much has changed. Nevertheless, here are my top 10 songs for the week!


1.) Fiction/On Rainy Days – B2ST (2 weeks at #1)*

2.) Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO (+1)

3.) Alligator Sky – Owl City (+1)

4.) Starlight, Moonlight – SECRET (+3)

Here’s the music video for Starlight, Moonlight

5.) Ma Boy – Sistar19 (-3)*

6.) I (Who Have Nothing)/ Bennie And The Jets – Haley Reinhart

Here’s the studio version of American Idol Season 10’s Top 3 finalist Haley Reinhart’s rendition of I (Who Have Nothing)

7.) Level 1000 – Jay Park (-1)*

8.) Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce (+2)

9.) Elmer – Gloc-9 (NEW)

10.) Hands Up – 2PM (NEW)

* – songs that have reached number 1

Out of the Top 10: Lonely, Like This Or Like That


Topy’s Top 10 Songs Of June 17-23, 2011

I didn’t expect to have a crazy schedule during the first week of class, so I’m gonna have to shorten my countdown from 10 to 7 sometimes. But if time (and will) permits, I’ll do a top 10 occasionally, just like this week.

Here are my top 10 songs of the week!


1.) Fiction/On Rainy Days – B2ST (+3)*

Here’s the full audio for On Rainy Days:

2.) Ma Boy – Sistar19 (+1)*

3.) Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO (NEW)

4.) Alligator Sky – Owl City ft. Shawn Chrystopher (+1)

5.) Lonely – 2NE1 (-4)*

6.) Level 2000 – Jay Park (-4)*

7.) Starlight, Moonlight – SECRET (NEW)

8.) I (Who Have Nothing) / Bennie and the Jets – Haley Reinhart (NEW)

9.) Like This Or Like That – 5Dolls (NEW)

10.) Run The World (GIRLS) – Beyonce (NEW)

* – songs that have reached number 1

Out of the Top 10: Shampoo, Love Alone, The Lazy Song, Edge of Glory, Pinocchio

Topy’s Top 10 Songs Of The June 10-16 {1st entry}

ANNOUNCEMENT: I won’t be doing my usual Top 7 US and K-Pop Songs anymore. I admit that it takes a while to finish a blog entry, and since school’s about to start I have less free time. I don’t know if I can keep updating this weekly entry, but I’ll do my best to share my favorite songs in my iPod for the week.

Here is my consolidated (Foreign, K-Pop, OPM) Top 10 for the week ending June 16, 2011!

TOP 10 Songs of the Week

1.) Lonely – 2NE1 (+4)*

2.) Level 2000 – Jay Park (NEW)

3.) Ma Boy – Sistar19 (-)*

4.) Fiction – B2ST (NEW)

5.) Alligator Sky – Owl City (+1)

6.) Shampoo – After School (-4)

7.) Love Alone – Miss A (+2)

8.) The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars (-7)*

9. The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga (+1)

10. Pinocchio – f(x) (-2)

* – songs that have reached number 1

Topy’s Top 7 Songs for May 13-19, 2011

We have a surprise winner in this week’s Kpop chart! Jay Park dominates the countdown with two songs fresh from his debut album Take a Deeper Look. Whew, you could almost feel the envy of his former label, JYP Entertainment

Everything else is pretty stagnant this week. There weren’t a lot of new American singles out, and yes, I was talking about the good ones.


1.) Price Tag – Jessie J feat. B.o.B.

Previous Position: #2

Jessie J makes another run for the top spot as she spends her fourth non-consecutive week at number one.

2.) Count On Me / The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Previous Position: #3

Here’s a cool lyric video for Bruno Mars’ Count on Me

3.) Make A Movie – Twista feat. Chris Brown

Previous Position: #1

4.) Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #4

5.) Rolling In The Deep – Adele

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

6.) Judas – Lady Gaga

Previous Position: #7

7.) Move Your Body – Beyonce

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Out of The Top 7

Moment 4 Life

Can’t Be Friends


Music Video for Abandoned

Music Video for Tonight

1. Abandoned / TonightJay Park

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Jay Park in the HAUZ! He just knocked Big Bang out on my most replayed list. His album is probably the best of the year so far for me. The songs aren’t that epic, but the overall feel and sound of the whole album was outstanding!

2.) Love Song – Big Bang

Previous Position: #1

3.) Cafe – Big Bang

Previous Position: #2

Two Big Bang songs drop a notch each this week

4.) Shampoo – After School

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

A good example of a Korean pop song. This is a ballad turned dance hit!

5.) Pinocchio – f(x)

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Another new entry is this one by f(x), whose label-mates range from TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and BoA.

6.) Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

Previous Position: #7

7.) Mr. Taxi – Girls’ Generation

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Hoping to advance further to the Japanese market, SNSD releases this single, which features the 9 ladies wearing taxi-themed short shorts and hot leather tops. Yowzah! I’ll give you the video next week if you’re interested….pervert!

Topy’s Top 7 Songs for May 6-12, 2011

I apologize because my countdown’s a little late this week. I’ve been quite busy this summer (classes), but good thing I have 2 days of rest before I get tortured again. It’s my sister’s birthday so I’m waiting for the clock to strike 12 so I might as well just write my countdown now.

Same old, same old this week as Chris Brown and Big Bang dominated the replay button on my iPod. These two artists have been neck and neck for weeks now. Good thing I separate my top 7 US and K-pop songs, because it would be very hard for me to choose who among them I listened to the most this week.

Here’s the rest of the top 7


Twista and Chris Brown

 1.) Make A Movie – Twista and Chris Brown

Previous Position: #2

Probably the most underrated among new Chris Brown collaborations is this song. It’s actually one of the best songs that shows CB’s fantastic vocals.

2.) Price Tag – Jessie J ft. B.o.B.

Previous Position: #1

After being number 1 by default, Jessie J trades places with Twista and Chris Brown

3.) Count On Me / The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Previous Position: #5

4.) Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Previous Position: #3

This is the only Wiz Khalifa song I like; and frankly, it’s a nice song!

5.) Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake

Previous Position: #4

6.) Can’t Be Friends – Trey Songs

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #6

7.) Judas – Lady Gaga

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Lady Gaga returns with Judas, though in my opinion her 2 latest songs aren’t as good as the ones in her first album. Even the unreleased song sung by Haley Reinhart on American Idol wasn’t that good.

Out of the Top 7:

Best Love Song


From the left: Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P., G-Dragon, Seungri

1.) Love Song – Big Bang

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #1

2.) Cafe – Big Bang

Previous Position: #3

3.) Before U Go – TVXQ

Previous Position: #2

After taking the crown two weeks ago, TVXQ is steadily stepping down from the top

4.) Bangkok City – Orange Caramel

Previous Position: #7

5.) Going Crazy – Song Ji Eun

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #5

6.) 0330 – U-Kiss

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

U-Kiss was among the very first groups that I hated. Months later, they’re in my countdown. Who would’ve thought?

7.) Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

Previous Position: #6

Out of the Top 7:


Previous Position:

K-Pop, How The Hell Did I Love You?

It’s been a year since I started listening to K-pop, and looking back I can’t believe it’s only been that long. I regularly check my daily k-pop news provider allkpop and read about 15-30 articles a day. So yes, you can say that I’m quite addicted (or obsessed) to K-pop right now.

But the question I think you guys would want to know is, why and how the hell did I love K-pop? A friend recently told me that he couldn’t understand why people like listening to K-pop, since some don’t even understand the Korean language (including me); but I don’t have anything against him. Why? Simply because K-pop is a very polarizing subject and isn’t something that can be loved by everyone.

K-Pop is a choice and a preference, much like different genres of music. Someone in this world loves classical music and hates rap music, while another person thinks exactly the opposite. It depends on the people’s ears whether they like a genre or not, so you can’t force anyone to love songs that he doesn’t want to hear.

I digress. Instead of giving you longer a lecture about K-pop, I’m just gonna tell you how I happened to love it. However, I’m telling you, it’s not gonna be easy for me to explain.

1.) Sisters’ (and cousin’s) Influence

When I graduated from high school in Koronadal City, I moved to Metro Manila to start my college life. After being alone with my parents for three years, I finally had a chance to live together with my two sisters and away from my parents, and that’s when it all started. They kept on telling me about these artists who not only sang but danced well. I kept what they said in my mind, but I wasn’t totally hooked by the topic then.

2.) I hated K-pop first before I loved it

Before I got to Quezon City, I despised those Korean groups flooding the nation’s music countdowns. I hated the fact that they were in groups of 7, 9, (and even 13!). I even dissed my sisters when they kept bugging me to watch it. Eventually, I started to check them out on Youtube. I liked some of the music videos, but it took a while before they convinced me to check out some more artists. The first groups I hated then loved were Super Junior and Girls’ Generation (SNSD), while the group I truly hated then was U-Kiss (because initially I got annoyed with their repetitive “Bingeul Bingeul”, but I like them now).

Super Junior
Girls' Generation (SNSD)

3.) The Songs

I’ll admit that not every K-pop song is great, but there are definitely some stand-outs that are very good. The songs are catchy, they have different genres of music, and they have a musical style which is unique and contemporary. The Korean music industry is one of the biggest in the world! And take note that they’re only a small country with a population only half as much as the Philippines!

Some examples:

Before U Go – TVXQ

Lupin – KARA

Wedding Dress – Taeyang

4.) Disappointing American Artists’ Debuts and Comebacks

The latest songs of the biggest musicians aren’t as great as they used to be, at least in my opinion (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Akon, Britney Spears, the list goes on and on). Even the new artists don’t have anything great to offer. Instead, they just stick with those repetitive pop songs and add some auto-tune in their music, remaking old music without a lot of creativity (Ke$ha, I’m talking to you). There are still bright spots here and there (Katy Perry, B.o.B., Justin Bieber [yikes!]), but the lack of better and innovative songs created a void that left me hungry for better music.

5.) Lack of Interest With OPM

Even our OPM songs aren’t getting any better. It was 2006 when I stared discovering some major rock bands like Sponge Cola, Bamboo, Rivermaya, Eraserheads, Kjwan, Imago, Sandwich, Callalily and many more. Most of them have disbanded or in a hiatus right now, and we could probably blame ourselves for that (piracy sucks big time). Without a lot of good bands remaining, there was an opportunity for K-pop to fill in the gap.

6.) Lyrics Ain’t Everythin’, fo’ shizzle!

Lots of people say a good song requires good lyrics that can make people connect to the song, but in my opinion, lyrics aren’t everything. I’m not saying lyrics doesn’t matter, of course it does, but there’s more to music than just words. R n’ B, rap and hip-hop music are good examples. Sometimes the words don’t even make sense, but people like it because it sounds good and it’s catchy. And for people who don’t understand Korean, it’s exactly the same. And even if everyone understood the language, I bet some of the songs’ lyrics won’t make any sense either. (P.S. choreography makes up for the lyrics)

7.) High Quality

The biggest K-pop artists like 2NE1 and Big Bang had their songs produced by famous American producers (Teddy). Their music videos have a production cost between $100K-$1M each, and they have raked in tens of millions of dollars in Korea alone. Talk about high quality music. The videos are shot using state-of-the-art video cameras and they have different costumes in every live performances. Entertainment companies spend millions of dollars for their trainees and they discipline their artists by making them work hard for about 3-8 years before they finally have a chance to debut. Yep, it almost seems like they’re the new America.

8.) The Artists

The most popular groups get the most attention and the members get a chance to be in the spotlight in interviews, photo shoots, live performances or cameos in different shows. Eventually you’ll get hooked to the artists and end up being bigger fans of their groups because they’re just fun to watch. My favorites so far are Goo Hara (Kara), Jiyeon (T-ara), everyone from Big Bang (Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri, G-Dragon, TOP), Yuri (Girls’ Generation), Seohyun (Girls’ Generation), Lizzy (After School), Eunjung (T-ara), and many others. See, I got hooked!

P.S. Don’t mention plastic surgery, it’s normal in Korea, and I don’t have anything against it.

Goo Hara
From the left: TOP, Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung, G-Dragon

9.) Korean TV Shows

K-pop is more than just MUSIC! That may sound crazy, but k-pop artists are trained to be versatile artists. They can sing, act and even host an event. One of the biggest reasons why I began loving K-pop is the Korean TV Shows, and I’m not talking Korean Dramas (I discovered them late), I’m talking about their variety shows! They have the funniest shows on earth! I have a 200 GB collection of shows like Family Outing, Running Man, We Got Married, etc. that not only showcases singers, but also Korean actors, gag men, models, and even Korea itself! (NOTE: Tell me if you want a copy of these shows, I’d be more than happy to give them to you). And it’s even more fun when you already know the singers involved in these shows.



They’re KOREANS! They’re the same country who lagged behind us (economics-wise) 50 years ago, having the same problem as ours today! We were even told by many that we would become the next Japan, a powerhouse of Asia. I’m not saying that Koreans are better than us. I believe were just as good as them, but there are just a lot of things that are pulling us backwards and are preventing us from further progressing. I don’t know about you, but I blame a lot of our problems to Ferdinand Marcos. The recent problems our country is having don’t even match the vile corruption he’s done, but we don’t need to dwell on our past. We just simply need to become better citizens and pray to God that everything’s going to be okay.

So that’s it. That’s why I love K-pop and why I probably will keep loving it for the next 5 to 50 years. If you tried but you still don’t like it, I don’t blame you because it’s your choice, not mine. I’ll even admire you for trying. If you hate it, it’s okay for me either. I’m not gonna say that you’re deaf or that you have a bad taste in music or say that you’re missing half of your life. There are lots of other people I could talk to about K-pop, and I also tend to distance my guilty pleasure from my school life. There’s a time and place for everything, and I’m not gonna die if I don’t talk about K-pop. Everybody has flaws*. 🙂

Thanks for reading this, and I hope, just hope, that all of you start liking (or hating) K-pop!

*For E-5.

Topy’s Top 7 Songs For April 29-May 5, 2011

You guys know what time it is! It’s time to showcase my top 7 songs for the week! I’m kinda disappointed with the new releases of American artists this week. None of them even entered my iPod after I listened to the once. Wanna know what songs I’m talking about? Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Rihanna.

Well, good thing I discovered K-pop! Basically, the only reason I listen to K-pop is because I find American music quite boring and stagnant or disappointing at times. So when there’s a void, K-pop fills it for me.

This week, Jessie J keeps the crown for the third week in a row, while Big Bang’s newest single finally becomes the most played track in my iPod.


1.) Price Tag – Jessie J feat. B.o.B.

Previous Position: 3 Weeks at #1

2.) Make A Movie – Twista feat. Chris Brown

Previous Position: #4

This song is actually one of the best Chris Brown collaboration I’ve heard in a long while, so if you have time you can check out the embedded video above.

3.) Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Previous Position: #5

4.) Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj

Previous Position: #2

5.) Count on Me/The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Previous Position: #6

6.) Can’t Be Friends – Trey Songz

Previous Position: #7

7.) Best Love Song – T-Pain feat. Chris Brown

Previous Position: #3


1.) Love Song – Big Bang

Previous Position: #4

2.) Before U Go – TVXQ

Previous Position: #1

3.) Cafe – Big Bang

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #3

4.) Intuition – CNBlue

Previous Position: #5

5.) Going Crazy – Song Ji Eun

Previous Position: #6

6.) Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

Previous Position: #2

7.) Bangkok City – Orange Caramel

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #7